One Take Super 8 - WNDX Festival


Jorgy, an 8 year old boy, attempts to end a once-in-a-century drought

Wildboy premiered as a part of WNDX Festival of Moving Pictures' One Take Super Eight (OTS8). For OTS8, films are shot in one take - no cuts, no splices, only in-camera editing allowed. The film is sent out to the lab for processing, audio can be added and then it all comes together - filmmakers and audience view the work for the first time during the event.

A @songsofluv production

Music, Story & Direction by Joshua Banman

The Cast of Jorgy Wildboy and The Siblings was played by my sister's kids, a set of my niblings. You did a fantastic job! Thank you for playing with your uncle for 3 days - especially day 2 working sunrise to midnight...