Theatre Projects Manitoa

The Recipes That Made Us

An exploration of the people of Manitoba’s Interlake through food

The Recipes That Made Us is a cooking show that explores the inheritance we receive from our ancestors, specifically in food and in recipes. Inspired by memories of cooking in the kitchen with all four of his grandparents, Joshua leapt at the opportunity to explore a similar experience with community members in Manitoba's Interlake region as a part of Theatre Projects Manitoba's Chautauqua: The Interlake Trail when he was commissioned for his first artistic project as an RBC Emerging Artist.

The Recipes That Made Us had many hands involved in front and behind the camera to make for three wholesome and captivating episodes. A special thank you to Janis Banman, PJ Jordan, Alice Bjornson, Marlene Taylor, Owen Eyolfson, and Martine Sawanis for all of your generous and loving contributions.

Watch all three episodes of The Recipes That Made Us on Youtube